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When a Korean girl wants to simply say a male friend, she’ll say “남사친 (namsachin)”, which is short for “남자 사람 친구 (namja saram chingu)”. It is made up of two words: 남자 (namja), which means ‘man’; and 친구 (chingu), which means ‘friend’.
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  • This term is commonly used by Korean people, and it is important to understand.
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    Namja chingu hangul letters.

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    남사친 (namsachin) – A guy who is “just a friend” 남 (nam) is short for 남자 (namja), meaning “man” 사 (sa) is short for 사람 (saram), meaning “person” 친 (chin) is short for 친구 (chingu), meaning friend.

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    Can you pronounce this word better.

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    / namja chingu /.