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Wrogar backs his sister's claim, and the Last War begins. .
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  • Mar 8, 2020 · A four page timeline that shows the history of Eberron from The Age of Dragons to The Present.
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    Begin your journey by ordering it now in the D&D Beyond.

  • The timeline of events making up present day Khorvaire The Treaty of Thronehold officially ended the Last War.
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  • Thalin, Kaius, and Wroann reject the succession of Mishann.
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    The 4e campaign guide also includes an adventure that starts with a Day of Mourning flashback before advancing to 998.

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    910 YK: Kaius II ascends to the throne of Karrnath after Kaius I dies.

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    It covers all manner of FR subjects, including articles about the naming of years, the Calendar of Harptos, Years by.